Large Froggymouth




Which size for my Froggymouth ?
The choice of the size of your Froggymouth has an influence on the efficiency of the treatment.

The Froggymouth must be chosen taking into account some information:

– Horizontally, it has to be just a bit smaller than the distance between the corner of the lips.

Froggymouth must be horizontally a bit smaller than the distance between the size of the mouth in order not to stretch the corner of the lips.

Technical explanation:
The choice of a smaller size allows not to stretch the corner of the lips which would cause a non-physiological proprioception. The aim of the Froggymouth is to inhibit the motor and sensitive action of the facial nerve which stimulates the lips. See more about the Froggymouth concept here.

– Vertically there are no constraints

The vertical gap of the Froggymouth does not differ depending on the size of the appliance. The gap corresponds with the physiological opening of the mouth and does not allow the patient to create a lip seal which is the first step of the sucking swallowing sequence.

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